Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Monday, June 27, 2011

15 Qualities of Today’s Most Successful People


15 Qualities of Today’s Most Successful People

  1. Decisive Goal Setting: Successful people set goals and understand how to achieve those goals. Winners think, plan and take action. They do not sit around and wait for a good opportunity. They create opportunity for others.
  1. Strong Self-Discipline: Successful people pay the price of success with their total commitment. They know that opportunity doesn’t knock, and doors do not open….Opportunity is within you.
  1. Healthy Self-Esteem : Successful people experience contentment, regardless of external circumstances. You can control and redirect your mental state of mind, but you cannot control what goes on around you.
  1. Positive Expectations: Successful people understand the devastating affects of fears and worries. They have access to a calm and peaceful state of mind. And they can communicate in a calm and peaceful way.
  1. Driving Self-Motivation: Successful people understand that the most powerful motivators are “intrinsic”, and they know how to develop this inner drive. They also avoid low motivation behaviors at all costs.
  1. Solid Self-Image: Successful people know that the way they view themselves is entirely in their own control. They seldom expect to fail, but when they do, they learn from it. They have a realistic view of themselves.
  1. Finely Tuned Self-Control: Successful people know how to put their energy into their most important goals. They have a sophisticated relationship with time, and know how to harness it.

  1. Expanding Generosity: Successful people think about others more than themselves. They understand that their decisions affect more than just themselves. They reach out to the world to help any way they can and look for opportunities to help others.

  1. Knowing Yourself: Successful people do not pretend to be someone they are not for the approval of others. They also, know their strengths and weaknesses. They are realistic about their abilities.

  1. Charismatic Self-Projection: Successful people know that they can attract good things like a magnet, when they project the right stuff to the world.

  1. Meeting the Challenge of Change and Growth: Successful people do not fight the fact that change is never ending.

  1. Effective Time and Stress Management: Successful people know that stress is unavoidable, so they learn how to use it productively and view it positively. With regard to time management, winners know that eliminating time-wasting behaviors can make them more productive with greater ease.

  1. Communication Skills for Positive Relationships: Successful people always speak positively and make people feel like they are the most important thing going on at that time. They work on strengthening their communication skills in the professional world and at home.

  1. Cultivating Creativity and Courage of Expression: Successful people realize that their creativity lies in their unique way of looking at the world.

  1. Integrity and Diligence Always: Successful people have and unswerving determination to seek the truth, speak the truth and live the truth. They understand that the greatest type of pride is knowing they have done their best, even when know one is looking.