Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Monday, October 24, 2011

Can you give an ounce more?

As a coach, I ask the players on our team to give all they have. “Give 100 %.” The smart coaches ask their players to give 110%, somehow they have figured out how to get an extra 10% out of their player.

Recently I visited with a friend that was going through a struggle in a relationship. I asked if they thought they could give an ounce more of compassion in this situation. Could they see that the person had a difficult background and tough circumstances to overcome? If they offered an ounce more of compassion maybe that would help the relationship and would make the irritations less irritating. My reasoning is to see things from the other person’s point of view and understand the difficulties they are under.

An ounce more of compassion might be your best option. Being frustrated is not helping and not bringing any healing. This person may not change ten years from now. What has to change is how we treat that person. It is the only thing we can control.

Then I thought about myself and thought that is what I need to tell myself. An ounce more compassion and understanding would help me in all my relationships. We seem to have the best advice for others that we need to use on ourselves.

Use an ounce today.