Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Sunday, September 18, 2011

From the book, The Practice of the Presence of God, by Brother Lawrence

“My day to day life consists of giving God my simple, loving attention. If I am distracted, He calls me back in tones that are supernaturally beautiful. If you think of me, remember the grace with which God has blessed me rather than my typical human ineptitude.

My typical prayers consist of simple continuation of this simple exercise. Sometimes I imagine that I’m a piece of stone, waiting for a sculpture. When I give myself to God this way, He begins sculpting my soul into the perfect image of His beloved Son. At other times, I feel my whole mind and heart being raised up into God’s presence, as if, without effort, they had always belonged there.

Some people may consider this attitude self-deceptive. But I cannot permit it to be called deception, since in this state of enjoying God I desire nothing but His presence. If I am denying myself, the Lord will have to remedy it. I want Him to whatever He pleases with me; all I want Him to be is completely His.”


I have read through this book a couple of times. It is high on my recommendation list for your devotional reading and improving your walk with the Lord. My college coach gave this to me last spring as well as some other coaches when he was here in town to speak.