Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Friday, October 5, 2012

Things to work on during practice

Practice your warm up routine.

Know exactly what you want to happen during your team's warm-ups. What drills prepare the team  to be ready for the game?
Game shots, ball handling, defensive drills and passing.
I like to watch teams warm-up to pick up new ideas.
Depending on the level the warm-up time will vary. You may get 20 minutes or you may get 10 minutes.
Know how long each part of your routine will take (i.e.): Defensive Slides 2 minutes Ball handling- 2 minutes.

Practice time-outs

Where do you want your players to sit once they come over? Do you want your point guard in the middle?
Make sure all coaches and players know their role during a timeout.
Assistant Coach needs to watch for substitution from the other team. Also, it is a good time for an assistant to double check fouls for both teams and timeouts remaining. 
Always be ready to come out after the first whistle. You get burned once having your team come out too late or see an opponent get burned and you will keep it in the back of your mind.
Teach team to hustle over once timeout called. Also, once timeout is over, reinforce with players to know their matchups. Reinforce what is coming up in the next possession (whether defense or offense). The more you practice your communication it will help in late game situations.

Practice subbing in and out the game.

Have a set routine once a player checks into the game.
Communicate with player being subbed out and know matchup. Also, get across how a player is to leave the floor.
Not pouting and worried about minutes. Come out, get water and ready to receive instruction. Going to the end of the bench is not the best option once coming out of the game.