Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ideas for better practices (updated)

· Communicate with each player before practice starts. Depending on your school and how the campus is designed it may not be easy to see your players before practice. I began to notice that often my first interaction with a player might be 15-30 minutes into practice. Shouting instruction or making them move quicker in a drill may have been the first time I spoke to the player on the particular day. So, I made a conscious effort to go by each guy before practice. It may have been something quick. I might ask how they were doing, a fist pump or just pat on the back. Daily I made sure to make eye contact or have an interaction before practice started.

· Have shooting drills going game speed and in game like situations daily. Where will they get shots in the offense? What cut do they need to make before getting open? Spend time on improving footwork going game speed.

· Every pass is an important pass. Whether it is in warmups, practice or a game every pass is important. The lazy pass made in practice will hurt in a game.